How to thrive in digital commerce

Globally 14.1% of all retail sales is made online. In the UK 26.2% of sales is made online and in Europe it accounts for 16.2%. These figures are expected to rise to approximately 22% over the next 3 years, globally.

The pandemic has propelled such a shift in consumer behaviour and as consumers are forced to adopt such a convenience, it is only expected to continue a growth trajectory.

In this on-demand webinar, our goal is to discuss the sudden shift in industry practices caused by the pandemic while reflecting on how brands need to adapt in order to thrive in digital commerce.

Our panelists Jasper Zeelenberg, Michael Gamper, Ashish Parmar and Fredric Guiral de Haas have discussed topics like:

  • How did the pandemic impact digital commerce?
  • The rise of an omnichannel world
  • Customer experience and engagement
  • Sales conversion and inventory management
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Jasper Zeelenberg
CEO, Retailisation

Michael Gamper
CEO, ebp Global

Ashish Parmer
CIO, Tapestry

Frederic Guiral de Haas
CEO, Nivose

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