The Merchandising Revolution

Getting the flow of merchandise right is business-critical. But how do you do that in a post-pandemic world defined by overcapacity and reduced budgets? In this webinar we will explore the art and science of merchandising, where do we draw the lines between the two and how much of it is science, and how much of it is art?

In this on-demand webinar, Michal Gamper, Jasper Zeelenberg, Aldo Spaanjaars and Line Lyngholm discus topics such as:

  • What is merchandising?
  • What are some of the industry’s common failure points and disconnects?
  • How have traditional merchandising processes evolved?
  • The role of technology in the future of merchandising
  • Rethinking the role of Open-to-Buy

Jasper Zeelenberg
CEO, Retailisation

Aldo Spanjaars
Executive VP, Anta

Line Lyngholm
Co-founder Aeonian

Michael Gamper
CEO, ebp Global

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